"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could learn what it had to teach..."


I am an Energy Healer and Amanda’s products always surpass my expectations in their high-vibrational quality and multi-dimensional effects, working way beyond the physical symptoms to address deep energetic layers. Recently Amanda created personal oils to support my body with two different healing processes: one for womb/hormonal issues, and one for stress around my eyes due to a recent surgery. I can feel the oils are completely unique to me, and there is a special love and connection to them that I don’t feel with mass produced products. Each is truly luscious and nourishing on many levels - specifically, I feel “womb” activating deeper self-love and clearing ancestral female issues, and “eyes” soothes physically and emotionally - and happily, an added bonus, really lightens up my wrinkles! I am a customer for life, and feel so grateful to have Amanda and her products as a resource for any process I may be going through or wish to support - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
— Natalie K
There is something very magical about being in Amanda’s presence. She understands my energy and what I am going through even when I struggle to put it into words. When in her presence, you can feel that she is intuitively reading you. This translates in her tinctures and oils. They are the perfect blend uniquely prescribed for exactly what I need. Amanda is the Google of essential oils. You can ask her a question on any essential oil, and she will able to tell you what it is for, how to use it, and what it blends with. It is her soulful presence and her wealth of knowledge that makes her truly brilliant in my experience.
— Katt Beck